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Azhjeli Matthews 4

Meet Azhjeli Matthews

Hawaiian born and raised, Azhjeli Matthews is a model, actor and silk performance artist. His family heritage embodies multiple ancestral backgrounds including Hawaiian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian & Visayan blood. He took the time to speak to ModelDetour.com about his experiences of being a multi-racial model. This is his story:

Luis Perrusquia 6

Meet Luis Perrusquia

Luis Perrusquia works as a personal trainer and full time model. With his superhuman strength he has made strides in developing his portfolio and has been featured across numerous blogs, for both modeling and fitness. For anyone curious about his ethnic heritage he is half Boriqua, a quarter Mexican and a quarter German. Here is his story:

Eric Dearborn 3

Meet Eric Dearborn

Eric Dearborn has been a full time model for twelve years. He managed to take time to share with us his experience with modeling in the industry. Here is his story:

Jonny Rendon Manny Roman

Meet Jonny Rendon

Jonny Rendon: “What do I enjoy most about modeling is that I love meeting new people and the challenge presented to create an amazing photo! I was always told by people to model, because i enjoyed being in front of the camera. So i gave it a try and i have NO REGRETS… I LOVE IT…”