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Azhjeli Matthews 4

Meet Azhjeli Matthews

Hawaiian born and raised, Azhjeli Matthews is a model, actor and silk performance artist. His family heritage embodies multiple ancestral backgrounds including Hawaiian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasian & Visayan blood. He took the time to speak to about his experiences of being a multi-racial model. This is his story:

Victor Lopez-Lama 1

Meet Victor Lopez-Lama

Model and photographer, Victor Lopez-Lama moved to New York a few years ago for his studies. Now living in one of the fashion hubs of the world he is able to pursue his love for modeling and photography. This is his story:

Luis Perrusquia 6

Meet Luis Perrusquia

Luis Perrusquia works as a personal trainer and full time model. With his superhuman strength he has made strides in developing his portfolio and has been featured across numerous blogs, for both modeling and fitness. For anyone curious about his ethnic heritage he is half Boriqua, a quarter Mexican and a quarter German. Here is his story:

Eric Dearborn 3

Meet Eric Dearborn

Eric Dearborn has been a full time model for twelve years. He managed to take time to share with us his experience with modeling in the industry. Here is his story:

Luis Lucas 2

Meet Luis Lucas

Luis Lucas is a model with Colombian, Mexican, Guatemalan origins. He has always been a performer, through acting and dancing and is now crossing over to the modeling world. He has a keen interest in working with new people and to always grow and learn. This is his story:


Meet Thiago Drewry

Thiago Drewry is a Brazilian model based in London. His experiences in modeling, acting, fashion events, and artistic production has seen himself working with photographer, William Baker, appearing in a calendar, books and websites. This is his story:

David Lloyd

Meet David Lloyd

David Lloyd’s story is both full of complexities and blessings according to him. Raised in the Golden Horseshoe, when he was young, then need…


Introduction to Meet The Models

While I was working out to bells and whistles of how to put this site together I was able catch the attention of various models from different walks of life who heard about what I was trying to achieve.


Welcome To

Welcome to! My name is Ed aka Edrenalin and this is a site that I have created to hopefully change the way people see modeling.