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Thiago Drewry is a Brazilian model based in London. His experiences in modeling, acting, fashion events, and artistic production has seen himself working with photographer, William Baker, appearing in a calendar, books and websites. This is his story:

Name: Thiago Drewry

Age: 27

Height: 5’11’’

Weight:  158 lbs

Shoe size: 11

Chest: 40”

Waist: 31”

Eye color: brown

Hair color: dark

Tattoos: no

Piercings: no

Place of birth: Natal, Brazil

Currently residing in: London, UK

Represented by: Ordinary People and Celsio Models

On what working basis do you model? Part time

How long have you been modeling?: 5 years

What experiences do you have in modeling? Fashion print, fashions shows, commercials.

Thiago Dewry

I quite enjoy performing to the camera. I like photo shoots with a concept or history where you can play a character or a role. I’ve been working with photographers and artistic directors that gave me brilliant opportunities to explore different sides of my artistic/modeling expression.

I started acting a couple of years ago. When I was living in Brazil, I had a incredible experience in drama acting in big theatres in Brazil. Since when I moved to UK, lots of different opportunities came to me. I meet a photographer that works in Opera House, and he was quite impressed with my look, but also my abilities to perform in diversity of characters. He gave me my first modelling job, doing a calendar for the Opera House.

Thiago Dewry

In terms of exposition, jobs like the trident advert or the fashion show I did for Kylie Minogue were the most important jobs that I had until now. But in terms of challenge and personal/artistic experience, I enjoy the most the photo shoot I made for Tatler Magazine  with the amazing photographer, Luis Monteiro. It was a very deep concept with references from the Opera Aida by Verdi. I do like photo shoots with complex and clever concepts, and I think specifically that one was one of my best experiences in modelling.

I had lots of moments that I really didn’t enjoy my time in some works for different reasons. But I  think even the lowlights can teach incredible things about the environment and about yourself as well. In the end of the day what made me who I am its a direct result of the positive and negative experiences in my  life and career. This reason I feel glad even with low moments that I had before.

Thiago Dewry

Some people say in the industry the biggest challenge is a cover at Vogue or Tatler Magazine, or a big campaign for Dolce & Gabana. These achievements are good things, but i think they don’t make a real challenge. In my opinion a big challenge for a model is when he has the opportunity to transcend the fashion industry and to show their work in different medias or artistic environments like cinema, theatre or television.

I’ve been working out for years now. Of course, in the beginning I made a lot of mistakes, with a stupid overdose of gym exercises and the wrong diet. With more experience and knowledge I realised it’s all about to have the correct combination with a program of exercises, and a balanced diet.

Thiago Dewry

When I’m not modelling, I’m dedicating my time to my masters at human resources management. Also I have a career as actor and artistic director with dance show productions at clubs and also acting jobs at theatre and operas in London.

There’s a couple of photographers and designers I would love to work one day. People like Stevie Klein (photographer) I consider a genius, and to have the chance to work with someone with his talent would be a realisation of a dream.

Do you see yourself continuing to model in the next 5-10 years?: Maybe yes, maybe not. Everything is possible. There so many different types of modelling jobs for all sort of people. But of course it’s something that does depend of the opportunity that comes to you. Apart from that I have my career as actor and psychologist, what will make really busy and keeping my head creative for next couple of decades.

Thiago Dewry

Do you any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring diverse models?: I would say it’s a very interesting environment with talent people and a great space of opportunities. Of course it’s necessary to be really careful in the beginning with lots of unreal opportunities offering for fake agencies, what normally costs a incredible waste of time. This reason it’s very important to find different ways to keep yourself motivated and with a positive and genuine attitude doesn’t matter how hard is the situation. And more than anything, I know sounds a lot of cliché, never give up and always believe in yourself.

Thiago Dewry

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