Meet Kaio Wilker

Kaio Wilker 1

Kiao Wilker was born in Brazil and was raised all over the place.

He loves to travel and is very passionate about life (you can tell that immediately from reading his interview)!

He is also involved in an independent movie entitled “Antigonish”.

This is his story:

Name: Kaio Wilker

Age: 27, Scorpio! :)

Height: 5`11 i wish i was a bit taller to explore more run ways, but thank God for inserters 😛

Weight: 150lbs, live on diet.

Shoe size: 9 perfect for shoe shows :)

Chest: 36, thats`s like a “A” cup right? lol

Waist: 30, 29 in a good day.

Eye color: aqua blue, believe me!

Hair color: naturally dark brown, but i have no problem changing it for work.

Tattoos: I held back for years, because of modeling and only had a small one i could cover with my under wear (and thats been removed now, I got it done when it was too young and I lost the interest on it, oh boy it hurts to remove  it!), and now that the industry is so much open minded i finally got all the tattoo work i wanted done in the last year.

Both sides of upper arms (right arm I have my family shield and crown with birthday stones of my family, in the left side I have an old stained  glass window, a beautiful art work thats shows Angel Michael throwing Lucifer out of heaven, but so well done that would take you a very good look into the pieces of glasses tattooed for you to see it all; and along my upper back i have, in Portuguese “one thousand times I am sorry, reborn” an acknowledgement apology I made to myself for all mistakes ever made and a promise to always overcome the mistakes and problems and come out of it a better person. Last but not least, I have  a phrase in the inside part of my forearm that says in Italian, a tribute to my Italian family: “Close your eyes so you can see!”

Kaio Wilker 1

Piercings: I have both of my ears pierced at age of 16, but tiny little earrings occasionally.

Family heritage: my back ground is Italian-German, we are all a big mix in Brazil :).

Place of birth: Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, southern east of Brazil

Currently residing in:  Boston mostly, but between Miami and New York a lot.

Represented?: Yes, by Maggie Inc Models

On what working basis do you model?: Full time.

How long have you been modeling?: Since i was 14 years old, after dropping 60 lbs and going from the shy kid to the outgoing kid in school.

What experiences do you have in modeling? I`ve done  a little of everything, but i work mostly with fashion/print.

Kaio Wilker 3

I love been able to live a different character every time and get know people who share the same passion for creative fields, such as make up, style, and photography.

How did it all get started?: I was offered to pose for a local magazine during  a school year photo by the photographer.

Modeling highlight: I think I love it all in a different way, but posing as James Dean on a fabulous remake of his most famous shots in NYC by Lars Kommienezuspadt was amazing! I was always in love with anything that had to do with J.D.

Modeling lowlight: Inconsistency of income. You can make a lot of money and no money sometimes!

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a diverse model working in the mainstream?: Everything is a challenge, been as perfect or not imperfect enough for the jobs! Depending on luck or a big connection to get you the job that u want!

Kaio Wilker 5

How do you keep fit?: It changes a lot depending on how much time I have on my hands, it`s hard to keep up with a regular job in the health care industry, model and act at same time! But I am very careful with what i eat, but i still eat everything i like, in small portions, and I also try to compensate with lots of cardio, and lots of abs. The world is obsessed with 6 packs somehow lol so you got keep up with it, LOL. I am not big on lifting, so just try to go as much as I can, when I am doing the best I can it comes to 1 hour , 5 days a week, sometimes I wish I could go more, but you have to live life too!

What do you like to do when you are not modeling?: I love to travel, especially to exotic places and tropical places too, go to the beach with my friends, and do simple things like play cards, cook and drink wine.

Any modeling goals you want to achieve?: I`d love to do something for Dolce and Gabbana. I love everything they create.

Do you see yourself continuing to model in the next 5-10 years?: I think so, I will do my best to take care of myself as best i can, i think I could actually make more money modeling in 10 or 15 years, if I do a good job aging gracefully, because not so many men take care of themselves as much as they should, so there is less competition for the age group!

Do you have any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring diverse models?: Just be yourself, don’t go crazy, always dream, and work, work, and work. If you can’t get paid jobs quite yet, try to connect with as many as photographers and people in the industry as you can. Try to work TFP (time for print), but get yourself and your work out there, so people can see and appreciate your work! In modeling you have to invest money and time, just like any other field! Always give your best and be polite to everyone who you work with!

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Photography credits:

Pic 1:
Kyle Wilker from Maggir Inc Models
photographed by Brit Woollard
MUA/Hair: Jeni Teran.
Styling and Wardrobe: Harley O Siriano.
Pic 2:
Kyle Wilker from Maggir Inc Models.
photographed by Michael Thomas.
Hair and Make up by Loren D.
Styled by Harley O Siriano.
Pic 3:
Kaio Wilker from Maggie Inc Models
photographed by Lars Kommienezuspadt.
Hair by Brian Buterbaugh
Make up by Angela
wardrobe and styling by Harley de Oliveira.
Pic 4:
Kyle Wilker from Maggir Inc Models
photographed by Frank Rapp.


Edrenalin is a self-taught model and photographer. He has modeled since 2001 but started to explore photography to document his travels. To date, Edrenalin has shot in every continent (except Antartica), organised and assisted community, advocacy and art initiatives. His projects in the past ranged from photo books, documentaries, blogs and mentoring new models.

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