Introduction to Meet The Models


Hi all,

While I was working out to bells and whistles of how to put this site together I was able catch the attention of various models from different walks of life, cultural backgrounds and modeling experience who heard about what I was trying to achieve and were generous enough to offer their time and allowed me to ask them some questions and invited them share their thoughts about the modeling industry and what’s it like for them to be modeling in a mainstream fashion industry that has long established ideals. I hope that their insight and experience would provide interest and enlightenment on a subject that is somewhat foreshadowed. I invite you all to share your thoughts through your comments, and if you are a diverse model and want to share your stories as well you are most welcome to sign up and submit your articles for consideration. If you would like to be considered for an interview do drop us a message via our contact form.

So as the weeks go on you will see introductions of models on this website and their stories revealed. Hopefully, over time we will continue to meet new models who want to have their stories shared. This is most exciting and so far it has been really fun and interesting meeting these models and hearing their experiences. To start off our introductions it would seem logical to start with … well… me! :)… Since I’m always free for an interview lol… especially when it is with myself :P.

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Edrenalin is a self-taught model and photographer. He has modeled since 2001 but started to explore photography to document his travels. To date, Edrenalin has shot in every continent (except Antartica), organised and assisted community, advocacy and art initiatives. His projects in the past ranged from photo books, documentaries, blogs and mentoring new models.

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